What does this word mean exactly?

There are different kinds of love – this might sound strange, I know.

Or maybe it is not love that has different aspects, it is rather the people who experience this wonderful feeling. What is it that love makes out of us? Some of us get wings to reach the skies, some of us might become more careful and so on…

Why should everybody have the same kind of wedding then? Since love and our personalities are so different.

When we open wedding magazines, we see the same kind of weddings. When we surf the internet, again we see the same styles.

One of my kind clients from Canada has told me recently: “I was planning to have a look at the websites of all the wedding planners in Hungary, but after the first 15 results, I felt that it is a waste of time. I felt I saw them all. Then suddenly I found you! Why is it so? – she asked.

Good question. Maybe it is also the economic crisis, people have less money. Especially, when preparing for a wedding. Families do need to get loans from the bank for the wedding sometimes and to tell the truth, it lessens the euphoria.

The other possible answer that even those who have the means, have the urge to copy someone else. They want to impress somebody: neighbors, aunts, the boss, anybody.

Szerelem és esküv.jpg

I have already told it so many times: weddings are the celebration of love. It happens many times that I am surprised by my future clients at the first consultation. They describe a wedding to me that has nothing to do with their personality. So what am I supposed to do? Where are the boundaries for the wedding planner? Should I tell the couple that in my opinion, they should organize a feast for their guests on a goose pasture in a beautiful tent? The chirping sounds of grasshoppers could be heard between the songs played by the band, and wild flowers in tin cans would serve as centerpieces. No big fuss, just a few friends, and some beer or bottles of wine. Food would be prepared outside on the fire. We can bring old Uncle Sanyi who learnt as a little boy with the shepherds how to make stew dense like syrup. And of course everything would be nice and cozy. And calm. Sure we need some bonfires too, actually a lot of them to warm up people at the chilling dawn.

It is so good that we are all different. That there are brave couples who trust me blindly. Take my hands and fly with me.

What does an exclusive wedding planner has to do with goose pastures? This is something that is still yet to come… But I promise that if dreams come true I will rock!

On a side note to my “colleagues” who work for commission, the tenant of the pasture will not give you a percentage after the party, I am pretty sure that Uncle Sanyi will not pay you either. The florist will not be able to charge huge amounts for the flowers collected by the kids of the guests… So roughly this is my answer to my Canadian friend.

Exclusive wedding planning means uniqueness for us and it has little to do with wealth and means.

Because life is unique.