Mrs Liza Csörnyei is one of the most renowned professionals of the Hungarian wedding planning community. Her business, Csörnyei Liza Exkluzív Esküvõk represents constant high quality in event planning. Liza's ability to organize and also creatively design events is a rare combination that she has developed to a professional level. It is her creative mind and hands that turn weddings into a truly custom-made and one-of-a-kind event both in Hungary and abroad. Liza designs and creates the decorations for weddings herself, using enormous amounts of flowers, mostly natural materials, matching accessories, lots of candles and special lights effects.

She is famous for her constant quest for harmony in the course of planning, she never makes compromises that lessen quality. Her trademark weddings are unusually unique, stylish and elegant, but she also likes applying some modern touches. Owing to her due foresight and careful planning, organizing weddings at the highest international standards is a daily routine for her. As a Hungarian wedding planner, Mrs Csörnyei always puts the interests of the couples first when palnning a wedding. She is convinced that she can only represent couples dedicatedly, if the costs of the wedding planning is paid by the couple and she is not dependent on commissions from vendors.

Her unique perspective conjures special atmosphere, by no means boring flatness, around every event. She dislikes commonplaces on the weddings and in the course of the organization as well. There are no identical or even similar weddings. What Liza offers is a unique experience that couples can cherish and it makes the big day of their lives truly memorable.

The personality of the couples is the starting point. Wedding planning with Liza is like a journey back to childhood, evoking dreams, developing them until they are fulfilled on the day of the wedding. There are no identical wedding decorations, she always looks for the special and unique elements in wedding planning. She can charm the couple and the guests at every venue. She constantly looks for challenge, nothing is impossible for her when looking for the perfect venue.

Recently, she has let a glimpse into the world which is in the dreams of many, she was requested to be the expert of the Hungarian Wedding Magazine (Magyar Esküvõ Magazin) and she also regularly invited as a wedding planning expert to the Hungarian TV channels.

The core principle of Liza's wedding planning is quality; she is unable to live without it. She matches high standards with the dimensions of beauty, romance and discretion that special people yearn for.

Liza's weddings and decorations are like fairy tales. No more and no less than that. A wonderful dream, a memory that accompanies everybody who has ever set foot in her wedding world.

(Professional curriculum)