Love and weddings walk hand in hand. Weddings are the proof for our love. The miracle dwells in everyone's heart either as a couple standing in front of the altar or as a guest of the reception. We take a piece with us in our memories. Feelings, colors, shapes and flavors.
The wedding planner carefully guards and creates these memories. She helps develop, plant and care for the old dreams. Saves the couple from mistakes, that can be made so easily. Wedding planning is a very complicated task with lots of pitfalls and it can cost a lot to take this path without a guide.
As Hungarian wedding planners, we organize weddings both in Hungary and abroad. I must tell you however, that the most memorable moments of our work are all related to Hungary. Working here as a wedding planner warms up our hearts every day.
Best thing is that it costs only a fraction of Western European and American prices to create wonderful, memorable, fairy tale weddings in Hungary.
Hungarian traditions, the beautiful landscapes, castles, lakes and wilderness can help make the old dreams of weddings possible. Delicious food, great wines and the famous Hungarian pálinka will surely bring about the mood to celebrate. There is no reason for sorrow once you set your foot on this land. Please come with me on a virtual tour in this tiny corner of Central Europe, Hungary, the land of tranquility, beautiful landscapes and gardens. It is like Paradise with delicious fruit and vegetables, and the savory dishes and wines. We say cheers and clink our glasses filled with pálinka in this land, leaving the sunny tastes of this country in our mouths for long seconds.
This peaceful land, Hungary welcomes you warmly wherever you live around the world. Having a wedding in Hungary is like arriving home finally: everything lures, embraces and caresses you.
Our wedding planning company, Exclusive Hungarian Wedding, led by Mrs Liza Csörnyei, would be honored to be contacted by you personally, or via phone or Skype.
The miracle of a wedding is born. It will be lingering for a second, for a few hours or days to leave a footprint in our hearts forever to caress it as long as we live.
What does Hungary mean for us?
The Great Plains, the sunsets on the endless horizon, the sparkling waves of Lake Balaton, the graceful span of Liberty Bridge across the Danube, the flock of wild geese flying over the lake of Tata, the turbulent nightlife in the popular ruin pubs of Budapest, the amazing Secession style palaces along the Danube in Pest, the breathtaking view from the Castle in Buda and the luxury of our gorgeous castles.
It is the flavor of the juicy fruit, the crunching red cherries, the fragrance of strawberry fields, peaches and apple trees, the passionate roaring of animals from the abundant forests, amazingly versatile landscapes and the flapping voice of ropes on the sailing boats on the Lake Balaton.
And of course, true heartfelt hospitality.
Looking forward to welcoming you here.